For all kinds of steel, without deformations or pores

The mirrored cylinders for calenders with bimetallizing substitute with advantages thermal treatments in laminating cylinders, do not produce deformations, micro fissures or pores, and can be applied on any kind of steel, with or without previous thermal treatment. The high hardness and application of martensitic stainless steel alloys for laminating rolls eliminate the superficial corrosion, which is common in cylinders that work with aggressive materials, like those used in PVC laminating, paper industry and tanning, among others.

Bimetallizing is the application of submerged arc welding of martensitic stainless steel alloys, with controlled temperature and subsequent thermal stabilization, producing pore and crack-free uniform layers, thus maintaining the concentricity of the cylinders, not significantly altering their balancing. The main advantages are related to the non-deformation and absence of pores, cracks or micro fissures.

Layer Properties

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